vic hanging on to a light post, parallel to the ground

waiting for that big role in twister 2

color headshot

finally a color headshot

drama headshot

trying my best to be a bad boy - yeah i know... not working

chillin' on the blue wall

chillin' on the blue wall. it's what i do.

looking over my kingdom

my picture if i was in a band

not smiling

looks like the other picture with less teeth :)

me & greg giraldo

rip - greg giraldo - one of my idols - only worked with him twice and each time he went out of his way to be kind to a comic he barely knew - including taking this picture.

vic with jake johannsen

jake johannsen - a comic you should know but for some reason you don't

vic with snl's kevin nealon

with snl's kevin nealon

vic with pauly shore and jason blanchard

pauly shore and jason blanchard in calgary - one's an encino man, the other's a cool dude ;)

vic with dave coulier

dave coulier (yes uncle joey from full house) in vancouver

headshot in front of a brick wall

never too far from the brick background

mini vic

my buddy photoshopped my head on this picture and it was just too funny not to post here.

me & richard grieco

richard grieco applies lip balm before our big kissing scene (or it could be just a cigarette as we wait for the lighting to be set)

me & bob saget - only john stamos away from the trifecta

me & bob saget - only john stamos away from the trifecta

vic with judy tenuta

with judy tenuta - give yourself 20 bonus comedy points if you know who she is - because you are a comedy fan my friend - and you're obviously old too :)

vic with dom irerra

dom "don't call me a legend" irerra

vic with harland williams & marla schultz

harland williams & marla schultz - great comics and great peeps

vic with cindy brady (susan olsen)

yes that's me with cindy brady (susan olsen). no more baby talk :)

vic with henry cho

with henry cho

vic with tom papa

tom papa - super funny, super nice guy

vic with eddie

with eddie "glitter" gossling

vic on new year's 2005 with adam ferrara

new year's 2005 with adam ferrara

hanging out at the pizza parlor

this is how i always sit in the pizza parlor

in a suit with sunglasses - very secret service-like

preparing for the big secret service role

in a suit - could be happy, could be angry - not quite sure

notice the range - i could be happy or angry at any moment :)

resting with cirque du soleil pose

still waiting for the call from cirque du soleil

happy customers - picture of laughing audience members

happy customers (if you look close you can see the virgin mary in the glare of the lights)

more happy customers - picture of laughing audience members

more happy customers competely unrelated to previous happy customers (no virgin mary here - or in the other picture either - how long did you look?)

more happy customers - picture of laughing audience members

before a packed house in winnemucca, nv (thanksgiving '05) - ah the glamourous life of a comic

me & hockey hall of famer phil esposito

o.k. so it's not comedy but how many hockey hall of famers have you had your picture taken with? for you rookies - that would be phil esposito

vic and ex-canuccks goalie kirk mclean

o.k. i'm starting a hockey string - this is kirk mclean ex-nhl goalie for the canucks - super cool guy

fake amazon reviews
getting paid amazon reviews ???????????


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